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Portable Displays

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How to display for short term and travel

Portable displays are collapsible and pack neatly into cases that can be easily carried or rolled. As you should for any exhibit, first determine how much space you will have to work with. Think about how you want to use the space and have your design made to fit. Since portable displays are obviously more compact than you would have at a trade show, make sure your design is concise. Don’t be tempted to fill your graphics with too much information but emphasize the highlights you want to communicate. For a short-term event like a conference, plan to bring take-a –ways (like pamphlets or brochures) for potential clients that may have limited time. Your display should be attractive enough to be memorable, but functional for speedy visits – or “drive-bys”.

What to put on a display

Design wisely when preparing a portable display. Make your logo big and high so it can be seen across the room and above heads. Consider a roll-up banner if pushing a promotion to compliment a backdrop and table cover. The time you spend preparing how you want to be seen will pay you back in visitors to your display. And don’t forget to meticulously proof-read your designs – you want to be remembered as a reliable professional, not one prone to mistakes.

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